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At Duchesne Communications, we build brands and strategy to realize goals and potential and we then make it all happen.



bonsai + your brand: 3 parallels



The initial pruning and wiring of a bonsai tree in  infancy is integral to the future of the tree.

It is in this stage that the bonsai are transformed from bush into a purposeful tree. The wires direct the course of the branches over the years, being adjusted every so often when a change in direction is required. Your brand strategy requires the same initial hardwiring followed by continued course adjustments.Your brand strategy requires the same initial hardwiring followed by continued course adjustments. The initial decisions made impact the reality forever forward. Take the time to create, understand, and perfect the vision for the future.


The bonsai art form is about consistency in the artist's commitment to the vision for the future.

The attention to detail, commitment to the pursuit of perfection, and consistency in management and oversight are all key components of realizing the vision for the bonsai. Unwavering commitment to quality and consistency creates a culture of brand loyalty within your following. Bonsai with clear direction from the beginning, combined with constant upkeep and an insistence on The Best, are simply The Best Bonsai. In a parrallel way, we want to help you Be your Best Business.


As with bonsai, your business is always growing and morphing as time passes.

In appreciating bonsai, you must look at the tree from three angles: where the bonsai began, its Current State, and what the future looks like for the tree - or what shape the tree will take in the future. The appearance of a bonsai of middle age is the result of the strategic planning of the artist years before. Not unlike the bonsai, your brand is created through that same time investment and careful, creative attention to your vision and craft, and your work will be show.

our mission + Purpose

We are creators.

We are unwaveringly committed to integrating ideas, content, and platforms to create clarified, mission-driven brands. We provide our clients with creative vision, targeted communication, and great content to elevate their brand. Every time.


our vision for the future

We will be ever-present thought leaders... the global Communication conversation, elevating brands by integrating and elevating their Big Ideas to create a Better World.



We will always...


Our commitments to our clients, our readers and followers, and you.

be real.

When we say something, it’s true. You could say we’re committed to honesty and transparency but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. This is kind of a play on words because most of what we do takes place on the Internet and we all know about the blurred lines of what’s real and what isn’t that happens on the good old WWW. We think one of our (industry term alert!) Strategic Differentiators is our mastery of being real, online. This is what led us to the First Foundational Fact that we will always be real with ourselves, each other, you guys, and all your mamas.

be clear.

As content creators, we pretty much don’t think something’s real until it’s down on paper (on a screen). When you’re actually putting pen to paper, finger to iPad, hands to keyboard (...) you want to have the most distilled version possible of what you want to share. If you understand what you’re trying to say in an A+ Bullet Point List, you’re clear on your message. As Committed Communicators, we’re really into being Clear. This means that every email we send, late-night brainstormy text message, Skype meeting, web copy draft, print ad design, logo concept and yes, Content Strategy Packet will be Clear, Actionable, and Timely (CAT – just kidding.)

get better.

Anyone who knows us well enough to have shared a single cup of coffee (kombucha?) knows about the Continuous Improvement talk. Enthusiastic readers, religious documentary consumers, industrial engineering gurus (not Hannah), pretend home chefs, and daily efficiency tinkerers, we’re always trying to get better. So obviously we would underscore everything by promising a better version of ourselves tomorrow. We believe in continuing education, yoga, webinars, doing tough stuff, learning something new, running harder, getting better.

come through in the clutch.

We sometimes describe them as our “ride or die” people. You know - our People. We want to be those kind of people. At work, after-hours, all the time – those people. This is a pretty decent pitch to make as consultants. Consultants should be people you can count on and we’re committed to being The Best Consultants. In the PR world, things come up. Inconvenient, decidedly un-timely things happen and DuchesneCommunications needs to be the kind of company that comes through in the clutchWe’ve got your brand and your back.

absolutely always.