CommCorner 000: 2018 + WhatUpSiliconValley

Welcome to 2018, folks. While we haven't typically spent much time talking about what’s going on with Duchesne Communications over here on CommCorner (wider educational appeal, free from geographically enforced restrictions…yaddayaddayadda) but we're taking a big of a new direction because #newyearnewthings.


This post is divided into two parts, introducing each of our front-facing projects for this year.

In 2018, we're focused on two things

We will be integrated creative + strategic thought partners to our clients & we will be a major source and hub for communication commentary online.

1. the commcorner vision

In 2018, the spirit of collaboration is thriving and it cannot be ignored.

Keeping our finger on the cultural pulse of our times, we want CommCorner to not only showcase the DuchesneCommunications POV week after week, but for it to also be a place where we curate content relevant to our audience and our time. We want to collaborate with our peers within our industry, tangentially connected, or outside our realm but well within our interest. In 2018 and beyond, CommCorner will be abuzz with a flurry of collaboration, creation, curation, and above all else, creativity

We will feature the artists and creators and innovators and thought leaders in the Bay Area and our community (transcending geography) online. 

So this month, every Wednesday, we'll be featuring a guest blogger bringing their POV and their spin on a marketing/communications/branding/business strategy topic. It's going to positively rock.

Every month after January, we'll host two guests, every other Wednesday, to share their take on our world. At DuchesneCommunications, we're committed to getting better (hey! It's in our Values statement, even!) This is part of that journey. What could make CommCorner better than if we get even more of our great friends, influences, and minds of our time involved! Ever evolving, never evolved.



Every Tuesday, Hannah's coming directly to your ears (convenient) on the WhatUp Silicon Valley podcast.

And that's our big news.

WhatUp-Header (1).jpg

Now, a little backstory – the WhatUp podcast has existed for a year (happy anniversary!) now, but as a weekly show with the boys (see photo below. It really explains everything.) – now affectionately referred to as the WhatUp OG’s (that’s Original Gangsters, mom). But, starting this week three girls have been added to the mix, taking the podcast to a daily show. We’re all kinds of beside ourselves excited about the whole thing and have been working diligently (behind the scenes, in the shadows, behind the veil…) to bring this project to life for the better part of six months. So here’s the rundown:


Monday – MojoMonday with SwagSam

Motivation, life hacks, and a quick pump-you-up as you kick off your week

Tuesday – South Bay Social with Hannah Duchesne (hey! That’s us!)

Branding and marketing insight, featuring thought leaders and local businesses doing it right online

Wednesday – The WhatUp Show with Sam and Sergio

Silicon Valley news, sports, and interviews movers and shakers and the best of the Valley

Thursday – That Valley Vibe with Jessica Smith (also catch her career coaching podcast)

Work-life balance advice, personal growth and betterment – get your groove right here.

Friday – Sweet Home Silicon Valley with Aubrie Aviña

Featuring what’s good in your neighborhood and South Bay community.

Catch a new episode each weekday. We'll be tacking links to our new episodes to the bottom of our blog each week, but you should definitely subscribe on iTunes to make sure you never miss an episode.