bonsai + your brand

So you’ve noticed the bonsai.

Maybe you even read on the home page that there are a lot of parallels between bonsai and cultivating and communicating a brand. Here's a little more about all of that.

bonsai + Your Brand: 3 Parallels


 The initial pruning and wiring of a bonsai tree in its infancy can be simultaneously dramatic and integral to the future of the tree. It is in this stage that the bonsai are transformed from bush into purposeful tree. The wires direct the course of the branches over the years, being adjusted every so often when a change in direction is required. Your communication strategy requires the same initial “hardwiring” followed by continued course adjustments.


 The attention to detail, commitment to the pursuit of perfection, and consistency in management, are all key tenants of the bonsai art form. Take to heart these principles for your own work. Unwavering commitment to quality and consistency creates a culture of brand loyalty within your following. Bonsai with clear direction from the beginning combined with constant upkeep and an insistence on The Best are simply The Best Bonsai. Be your Best Business.


As with bonsai, your business is always growing and morphing as time passes. In appreciating bonsai you must look at the tree from three angles: where the bonsai began, its Current State, and where the tree is headed. A Middle Age bonsai is a result of the strategic planning of the artist years before. Your brand is created through that same time and careful, creative attention to your vision and craft. 

So that’s a little bit about us, a little bit about bonsai, and a little bit about your brand.

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