content creation roundup: tips and tools of the trade


Have you ever wondered how you can create creative, cohesive, and organized content? Here at Duchesne Communications we have a few favorite tools we want to share with you. It could be argued that this blog typifies academic commentary on everyday marketing and communications topics. However, this week we’re going uber practical, and we’re outlining a few of the tools we use to create consistent content, week after week.

We’re getting into Content Scheduling at the tail end of the month, so we’ll cover how to map it on a later blog. A schedule and a checklist are essential tools to making sure the right content gets created, but in this blog, we’re talking about putting pen to paper, finger to screen, hand to mouse...let’s talk content creation

Over + Canva

When it comes to content creation for social media – graphics to pair with your blog content or current promotions — we love Over and Canva. Over lets you create the meme of your dreams. Pick a font, a picture, and a few clever words, and Over rolls out content ready to post. Canva provides you with tons of templates pre-made and ready for you to customize with your own personal content. Both apps are user-friendly ways to create professional-looking content without wasting time or resources. 


But our favorite thing about Over and Canva are the collaboration capabilities. In Over, you can create a circle and share projects with other people on your team. No emailing or texting drafts back and forth. Perhaps annoying to your significant other but also oh-so-convenient is the fact that both of these apps are available on your phone! Create a graphic while you watch TV. These are huge time savers and can really help those of us out there with limited experience creating attractive content.

Adobe Creative Suite

Whether you are looking for a tool for graphic design or video editing, Adobe Creative Suite is the place to be (virtually). This suite offers more than twenty applications to help you edit, record, or design pictures, videos, or websites.

It can be rather daunting, as well as a huge time investment, learning to use these powerful tools. But make sure, at a minimum, that you align yourself with a person or team who can utilize these platforms to their fullest extent. From logos to everyday graphics to photos and videos - these tools are invaluable and pretty much a must-have.



iMovie and GarageBand

Let’s start with iMovie. For all you Mac/iPhone/IOS users out there looking to edit videos, check out iMovie. iMovie allows you to edit uploaded videos, short clips, or photos. iMovie can process high-def videos that will make your Instagram profile or Facebook page more professional than ever. Next up is GarageBand. I mean, how else would you create a podcast? But, GarageBand isn’t just for podcasts. It can create music with a wealth of nifty tools at your disposal like pre-made MIDI keyboards, voice effects, and instrumental recordings. Not that we use all those things most of the time.




Finally, to bring our list of tools to a conclusion, there’s Dropbox. Where would we be without it? For those of us who are tad OCD (guilty as charged), we enjoy creating file folders, putting files in file folders, yada, yada, yada. You get the point. Obviously, this app isn’t simply for fun, but if you enjoy organizing, then it’s a win-win situation.

Now, it’s up to you

Use them all. Use one, maybe two. Use three, or none. Find what works for you, but we would have to say we think our list is pretty good and use all of these (literally) all the time. They have the Duchesne Communications stamp of approval. Check them out!

Tune in next week and we’ll talk about content scheduling. You have to parse out what you can schedule and what has to be done in real time so you can figure out how to get it all done.