stand out. stand alone.


DuchesneCommunications will be an ever-present thought leader in the global Communication conversation, elevating brands by integrating and elevating their Big Ideas to create a Better World.

- DuchesneCommunications Vision

You don’t have to find yourself in the middle of an identity crisis in order to do some “soul-searching” about the identity of your business. In our last blog, we talked about our mission and our fixation on Big Ideas. In this blog, we'll talk about how you can can set yourself apart to stand out and stand alone in your expertise and business identity. 

Discover who you are.

We’re kind of obsessed about this Brand Discovery over in this (tiny, tiny) corner of the World Wide Web. Take a long, hard look in the Metaphorical Mirror. What are you good at? What are you good at that people will pay money for? Do you know how to tell someone about what you’re good at and why?

Clarity is often what separates a good idea from the Big Idea. A good idea is one that is theoretically without flaws and is the answer to a current question or problem. A Big Idea is one that has all those same characteristics, but is defined, packaged, and ready to share with the universe. Big Ideas are communicable and the Very Best Big Ideas are contagious, viral, out of control. Stand out.

Find your path.

Differentiate yourself. Big Ideas are unique. That idea is not a Big Idea. It’s actually kind of cliché. Be different. The simple fact of the matter is that if you haven’t found a way to be different or do something in a different, better way, you’re not quite done with the first step of Brand Discovery. If you’re just going to be a different shade of everyone else, it might be time to go back to the drawing board. That’s not a bad thing or a fatalistic thing. It’s just that you’re not done.

Not being done yet simply means there’s more opportunity to improve. A huge portion of Brand Recognition is Brand Differentiation. In this case, you’re very much going to want to take the road less traveled. Break out and be you – different, relevant, and full of Big Ideas. Stand alone.

Stay the course.

We’ve talked a lot about standing in this post. Now, it’s time for you to start walking…and keep on trekking. We harp on the consistency thing quite a bit around here. It sounds like a Boring Buzzword, which might be the worst of all combinations. However, here are the kinds of word associations we want for your brand: consistent creativity, ingenuity, authenticity, availability, viability, share-ability, relate-ability, reliability. And we think when you put it like that, the word “consistency” doesn’t have as much of a bummed-out vibe to it.

A lot of your success in business (dare we say life?) is determined by your endurance. Your endurance, while somewhat dependent on your physical preparedness, is chiefly dependent on your mindset. Not unlike endurance sports, cultivating your brand and growing your business is a Long Run in the Long Run. The cool part about it is that if you’ve found your path and you know who you are, the Long Run is something to be pretty excited about.