what's the big idea?

We are creators.
We are unwaveringly committed to integrating ideas, content, and platforms to create clarified, mission-driven brands. We provide our clients with creative vision, targeted communication, and great content to elevate their brand. Every time.
— DuchesneCommunications Mission

breaking it down

1.     Integrating ideas across platforms


Most people have ideas. A lot of those people have a lot of ideas. Some of those people are able to share their ideas with others and some of those people are really, really good at sharing their Big Ideas with others. That’s what we do.

It is essential for brand identity and recognition that you effectively communicate your Big Idea in a clear and consistent way. You integrate your ideas and the content you plan to create and share with your following and your market. You develop a plan to strategically leverage communication platforms to share the content you create. In this way, you underscore your brand and your Big Idea with every post and every Tweet. Your following knows who you are and what your Big Idea is because it’s a) always on their feed and b) provides value because your Big Idea is one that actually makes the world better.

2.     Creating clarified, mission-driven brands


Your brand and its identity are outlined in your company’s initial branding. However, the brand comes to life over time – essential to brand identity is history. As you share your Big Ideas with your following, the way you share those ideas and what those ideas actually are form your brand perception, and in this case perception is reality, guys.

So, you’ve got to be clear from the outset. You have a company. You have a Big Idea. With our clients, we explore that Big Idea from every angle. We determine exactly how we are going to share that Big Idea. What words will we use? What kind of vibe do you want associated with your brand? What kind of graphics inspire that kind of vibe? Answering those questions once and for all right out of the gate is imperative to elevating your brand to a point of industry recognition and relevance.

3.     Crafting creative, targeted content

We wouldn’t say that your brand worth is equivalent to the quality of your Instagram feed, but we take content creation pretty seriously. The content you share is how you communicate with your following (your market). Every time you post, Tweet, Snap, or blog, you are seizing an opportunity to connect. You can squander that opportunity with bad content. We make sure our clients don’t do that.

It’s not an easy thing to constantly listen to your following and create pitch-perfect, timely content. Perhaps the most challenging thing for most of our clients is consistency. There are bursts of dedication to creating content worth sharing with their following. However, since they’re also good at the work they do for their actual business, they get busy. They don’t always have the time to create engaging graphics and craft relevant messages for their following. That’s why we work with them to make sure they’re “out there” all the time: their brand, their Big Idea, and their future.