content management roundup: more tips and tools of the trade

Without any fancy or wordy introduction, we have arrived at the next step in the lifecycle of your content: scheduling. We covered when and where you should be sharing your content last week and now we’re wrapping up our series on content with a really hands-on, tools-of-the-trade kind of post. You have the content you developed using Over, Canva, or any other of our suggested content creation tools. Now, what to do with it?

content scheduling: when, why and where

All month long we’re talking content. We’ve talked about content creation and given you tools to create the content you need to market your business. Now we’re shifting gears, but only slightly. On to content scheduling, as you would be led to believe if you read the title of this blog. Specifically, we’re talking when, where and why (also information you could get from the title).


content creation round-up: tips and tools of the trade

Have you ever wondered how you can create creative, cohesive, and organized content? Here at Duchesne Communications we have a few favorite tools we want to share with you. It could be argued that this blog typifies academic commentary on everyday marketing and communications topics. However, this week we’re going uber practical, and we’re outlining a few of the tools we use to create consistent content, week after week.

content creation on a budget: where time is money

But now to the subject at hand: creating content, customized to your budget concerns – time, resources, and funds. In order for any sort of content marketing to work for you and your business, it’s got to fit your individual situation like a glove; otherwise, there’ll be a lot of waste or a lot of inefficacy – neither of which is preferred. So let’s talk four things you absolutely must nail down before you create a single graphic you can label as “content,” let alone blog or launch your YouTube career.


content: as a currency

Simply, currency is something that buys you something (of value). So what does content as a currency get you as a brand and a business? Good thing we thought about this. Since we’re going to blog about it. Yeah. Content...attracts the right ones. It’s basically impossible to market online without content. Therefore, you’ve got to have the content out there to bring Your People in. We’ve yammered on (waxed poetic) about making sure your content is timely and meets Your People where they’re at so you know all of that.

content: as an intellectual property machine

We’re assuming you’re reading our blog because you’re interested in the getting on of your game. Creating new, better intellectual property should absolutely be on your list of Things Involved In Getting On Your Game.  As we’ve already established in our first blog in this series, content is an essential component of your [competent] marketing strategy. There’s just no way around it. In our second blog, we set the standard for your content. Now, you understand you must create. You also know you have to make it Good, in the context of art. Now, we introduce a new goal – create content that contributes to a higher purpose – new, better intellectual property.


content: as an art form

I’ll take a moment to share more about myself, the blog writer, Hannah, Senior Alliteration Enthusiast, out from behind the ambiguous persona of CommCorner’s weekly voice. Founder of DuchesneCommunications as it exists today, this is my place to house my theories and overarching strategies for what we do day-to-day for our clients and for ourselves. My hope is that I can provide questions and thought processes and examples here that will get your wheels turning for your own special snowflake situation. 

Content: as an essential component of your marketing strategy

People in our [communications, marketing, advertising, social media, public relations…] industry always debate the exact working definitions of the work that we do. Things like branding (and what that particular product includes), content, content marketing, content marketing strategy…the list goes on from there. We discussed branding in our September Series and now that we’re solidly into October, it’s time to start something new. Next we want to focus on content. What are we talking about when we talk about content?