Comm Contributors


Wendy Goodwin

Wendy Goodwin is multi-talented. Ambi-capable. A crazy-talented musician and master of code, Wendy's life is equally well-orchestrated and well-composed. Outdoorsy and adventurous with an unwavering can-do attitude, Wendy's the one you're going to call when you need your website to work right and fast and for everyone on Google to be able to find it, nearly instantaneously.


Avni Levy

Avni is an artist and a storyteller, but that's just the foundation of her professional identity. Working with Avni is a professional experience from beginning to end. Experiencing the creative process is an added benefit to working with Avni and Glass Locket Film, where she takes her clients through an immersive process to photograph and film them and their businesses and to relate their points of view. The value of her work - the ultimate artifacts of a personal brand - is amplified by the client's active participation in the creation. You learn something about what you're all about when you're working with Avni as you figure out how to visually share what you're all about. 



Jonathan Gottlieb

Jonathan Gottlieb is an organization consultant and executive coach. With over 25 years of experience and a PhD in Organizational Psychology under his belt, Jonathan provides his clients with unparalleled insight as they navigate organizational challenges - culture, change, and team efficacy. A thought partner to his executive clients across the Bay Area and beyond, Jonathan is a trusted sounding board to his clients who many times occupy the lonely position at the top of their respective organizations. Leading change, a particular specialty of Jonathan’s, comes with its own organic supply of potential hazards and Jonathan works with clients through mergers and acquisitions, in addition to the myriad of other ways organizations can experience sweeping change.

Micah Duchesne

Micah Duchesne is equal parts laser-focused and on a ceaseless quest for new ideas. Artfully designing organizational strategy is his cornerstone professional competency and differentiator. In his work, the psychology of teams and the lags dysfunction can cause must be accounted for and worked through. As evidenced by his blog this week, Micah understands the human factors of strategy implementation and deployment and is able to support executive leadership through on-boarding and aligning the many moving parts to the one goal.



Aubrie Avina

Aubrie Avina is an A-player. With extensive and diverse experience in strategic communication and web development, Aubrie brings her marketing clients a level of nigh-unmatched professionalism and competency. If she says it's going to happen, it's absolutely going to happen and it's going to get done the right way the first time. Luckily for home buyers and sellers in the South Bay, Aubrie has recently joined the ranks of Bay Area real estate agents and she's pretty stoked about it (where else is real estate more fast-paced, action-packed, and competitive?). And who else should you call besides someone as energetic, positive, and skilled as Aubrie? You've got that right. No one. 

John Soper

John Soper founded New Paradigms Marketing Group in 1994. He consults with his clients in market development and strategic alliance formation. A Silicon Valley native, John has consulted many tech companies in the Valley through their start-up phases and beyond. Clients come to John for guidance when establishing business partnerships and scaling their business products. His work is focused on building the infrastructure that will support the business as it completes its products, maximizes its distribution and differentiates from its competition. 


Playground Studios

We all know that people would rather watch a video then read, but many businesses still lack an introduction by video. Video is predicted to be the preferred medium of communication for the coming years. Videos help build trust, drive engagement and increase sales; it makes sense that businesses will continue to add more video production content in the coming years.

1.8 million words... that is the power of a one minute video, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.


Coach Jessness

Jessica Smith - or Coach Jessness, as her clients and podcast listeners refer to her - is a tech recruiter by day and a career coach (also by day...and night). She's all about turning down all that noise and focusing in on your "'ness," that intuition, direction, and drive that gives you life, happiness, and personal professional peace. It's easy to get burned out - especially in this Hustle Valley - but Jess is focused on health and wellness by reducing stress and pursuing your passions. Her mission is to help people find who they are, express it in a way that resonates with themselves and others, and rise to the top of wherever they want to go. The end result of this is a better, healthier, happier world of people doing  well at what they're good at, what they care about, and what they should be doing. Win, win, win. Write here...


Sam "SwagSam" Kabert

Sam understands branding in its purest application - literally getting your name all over town. Whether you need 1000 hacky sacks STAT or 500 golf polos emblazoned with your corporate blues, Sam's your man. The opportunity when it comes to swag is huge - name recognition is the name of the game, after all. You have to be the first person people think of and placing your branding in appropriate, clever, and well-received ways on things people will use and value is a DEF way to make that happen.

2018 + WhatUpSiliconValley

Welcome to 2018, folks. While we haven't typically spent much time talking about what’s going on with Duchesne Communications over here on CommCorner (wider educational appeal, free from geographically enforced restrictions…yaddayaddayadda) but we're taking a big of a new direction because #newyearnewthings.