public relations

preserve the image: brand management and keeping your game face on

This blog serves as a capstone for our series on public relations. We’re bringing it back around to where we started: public relations and your brand. It turns out, branding and public relations go hand in hand. The longer we operate in the branding sphere, the more we realize the integral part PR plays in good brand development. We’re about to explore the different facets of brand management, from a public relations perspective, following the life chronology of a brand. We’ll begin at concept development, the genesis of a brand. We’ll end up with the phase when a brand has sparked, stoked, and fanned itself into a blaze – taking the necessary steps to always check back with the overall goal. Here’s a walk through the lifecycle of your brand.


fight the fire: navigating public shame in the face of unmet expectations and unmitigated scandal

In this blog, we’ve outlined the four major buckets that basically all PR crises fall into – delinquency, idiocy, deviance, and endless implosion. We’ve sketched the general qualities of a scandal falling into the bucket, followed by a Real World Example you’ve no doubt heard of. In the proverbial laughing stocks this week: BP (of course), Pepsi, Volkswagen, and Samsung. You probably know why.

share the news: connecting with the media and generating big buzz

In this blog post, we’re going to take a little bit of turn further down into the PR world. In this post, we’re going to discuss all about connecting with journalists – how to spot them in the wild, get them within target range, and knock ‘em dead with your killer stories (too graphic?). We’ll outline what’s attractive to journalists and what makes for a good story – when it’s go-to-press ready and when you’re not being valuable (and actually being annoying) to a reporter. It’s good to know the difference.


tell the story: public relations and your brand

Confession: we love PR.Each of our clients, and even you blog readers too, get a fair dosage of PR from us. You could call us Public Relations Professionals (PRPs…Perps? Too far?). Branding clients are given our marketing perspective as professionals and as consultants, but that perspective is laced, if not inextricably linked to our foundation and roots in PR. There is so much opportunity for creativity to converge with strategy in this field. Public relations is the art of persuasion. We are storytellers. We create buzz out of flat line silence. We erect a brand, amplify its message, and connect others to it by writing and share a story that sticks, reverberates, and influences behavior.