Hannah Duchesne

Principal | Brand Strategist

MA Emerging Media, BS Communication, Public Relations, Sociology

I am a writer. Writing brought me to public relations and social media, to branding and communication strategy.

Words are the foundation of all of those things, and we're in the building business. Duchesne Communications provides our clients with words: words to clarify, words to integrate, words to create, words to change the course of, words to elevate brands. 

My educational background in public relations and sociology, combined with my graduate studies Emerging Media, informs the work done at Duchesne Communications. Marrying my understanding of sociology with my interest and study of communication, I completed my graduate research in social media theory, applying Framing Theory to the current blog commenting culture. A classic liberal arts education that cost way too much money proves to be invaluable in the work we’re doing here.

My previous work in governmental affairs and leading communication for an association in the Deep South underscored, for me, the importance of building a brand through clarity and consistency, communicating a purpose and a mission people can really get behind. This led me to the desire to create a marketing company committed to strategic brand development and focused, long-term brand management.

I am committed to continuous improvement and the work done by Duchesne Communications manifests this principle. We're in the betterment business - we build better brands for a better world. We're fixated on messaging, meaning, and making sure we communicate your brand's identity, story, and value in every blog, post, Tweet, ad, and soundbite.

When I'm not consulting clients on brand strategy and managing day-to-day operations around the office, I blog on communication-centric concepts on CommCorner and podcast on my interview-style show Hustle Valley, featuring the "hustlers making it happen" in the Bay Area. When I'm completely out of the office, I enjoy cooking, reading, documentary and late night interview show watching, dabbling in Crossfit and running reasonable distances, and hanging out with my husband and Number One Girl.