thought leadership


shout out and give a nod: acknowledging your community and your competitors

We're wrapping up this series on thought leadership (although technically it's not over until the end of January), and we're talking about the people you lead as thought leaders and the people with whom you share the trailblazing status. Next week, we're going to do our first case study on CommCorner, and since we talked about thought leadership all month, we wanted to feature a real OG (that's Original Gangster, Mom), someone who has rolled with the changing technology and the changing demands of the masses. Who else would you think of but Oprah? 

tackle and rattle: covering controversy and taking on the big issues

We’re officially well into January and really in the thick of things with this series on thought leadership. Last week, we covered connecting people to your message and this week we’re talking the heavy stuff. The deep stuff. The stuff that you think about but question how to approach your audience with as you share your opinions and your expertise. Turns out, it’s exactly this sort of thought material that will differentiate you as a thought leader. This blog is outlined into five basic tenets of truth to internalize and digest as you continue your quest for Thought Leadership status and flirt with the idea of taking on issues that aren’t unanimously stamped as Universal Truth.


involve + engage: connecting your people to your message

Last week, we introduced our topic of the month – thought leadership – and we covered the very basics of emerging as a thought leader. This week, we’re talking people. Your people, more specifically. You’ve got to know who they are, where they’re hanging out (on- and off-line), how to connect with those “out of your circle” people, and when to share the love (and the mic). The point of the whole thing is to be out there, in the public, sharing your thoughts and improving the world, yo. So, let’s start making that happen. 

define + refine: emerging as a thought leader

Thought leaders, as they’re defined, have existed in some capacity from the beginning of formal communication. You can even imagine that someone within the communities of people predating written communication was identified and lauded as a thought leader in some form – perhaps crop cultivation or ceramics. However, with the evolution of the internet (particularly in the last few years) we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the terminology usage and the desire to become one of these elite.

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