what you can count on

We’re committed to a lot of things. Some would use the words “borderline overcommitted” but we are enthusiastic coffee drinkers who thrive on meeting challenging deadlines with style. Whenever you actually sit down to think about what’s important to you and, as an extension of you, your business, it’s absolutely an introspective experience. Can you describe in a handful of words your North Star? What are your guiding principles, core values, mantras, modi operandi, affirmations, ten commandments, unwavering Commitments to the Universe? Well, we thought about it (a lot) and this is what you can count on from us.

stand out. stand alone.

You don’t have to find yourself in the middle of an identity crisis in order to do some “soul-searching” about the identity of your business. In our last blog, we talked about our mission and our fixation on Big Ideas. In this blog, we'll talk about how you can can set yourself apart to stand out and stand alone in your expertise and business identity. DuchesneCommunications will be an ever-present thought leader in the global Communication conversation, elevating brands by integrating and elevating their Big Ideas to create a Better World.


what's the big idea?

We are creators. We are unwaveringly committed to integrating ideas, content, and platforms to create clarified, mission-driven brands. We provide our clients with creative vision, targeted communication, and great content to elevate their brand. Every time. Most people have ideas. A lot of those people have a lot of ideas. Some of those people are able to share their ideas with others and some of those people are really, really good at sharing their Big Ideas with others. That’s what we do.

bonsai + your brand

So you’ve noticed the bonsai. Maybe you even read on the home page that there are a lot of parallels between bonsai and cultivating and communicating a brand. Here's a little more about all of that. The initial pruning and wiring of a bonsai tree in its infancy can be simultaneously dramatic and integral to the future of the tree. It is in this stage that the bonsai are transformed from bush into purposeful tree. The wires direct the course of the branches over the years, being adjusted every so often when a change in direction is required. Your communication strategy requires the same initial “hardwiring” followed by continued course adjustments.